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8oz Soy Tin Candles

Summer of Love Collection



Mango Tangerine fragrance oil blended with Orange & Coriander Essential Oils with notes of Papaya, Peach and creamy Coconut infused with Rose Quartz the stone of Love and tenderness and the healing and grounding magic of Red Jasper.



Honeydew Melon Fragrance Oil with notes off Strawberry and Vanilla infused with Rose Quartz the stone of Love it’s magic opens the heart on all levels while Red Jasper keeps us grounded and connected to oneself.



A Tropical Blend of Pineapple, Orange with tart Cranberries and notes of Peach Vodka. Natural Orange Essential Oil blended with fragrance Oil. Rose Quartz for love and light while Lapis Lazuli inspires self confidence for those summer beach days! 



Tropical Fruits with notes of Coconut, Rum and Vanilla. Infused with Orange Essential Oils and blended fragrance Oils. Rose Quartz opens your heart chakras while Lapis Lazuli encourages self expression and creativity.

Spring Hippie Collection

Spring Hippie Collection 8 oz Soy Tins


When I think of Spring I think of flowers in my hair and the rebirth of nature. Here at the Jersey Shore spring ushers in the seasons we’ve been waiting for. The Seasonal beach stores are prepping for vacationer, the trees are budding and the landscape and people get nicer! Our Hippie Spring Collection is 1960’s inspired with plant based natural aromas. Let the flower child in you bloom and enjoy a Hippie spring! 



All natural Eucalyptus essential oil with dried Eucalyptus leaf leaves your home refreshed and cleanses the air with an inviting hint of mint and honey. Agate stone for harmony and clear Quartz for clarity to clear you Throat and Crown Chakras.



Patchouli the ultimate flower child fragrance of the 60’s this aromatic Essential Oil starts with notes of ginger, cinnamon, and clove that give way to traces of Jasmine in this earthy scent. Infused with Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz both bring balance and harmony to your root chakras!



Orange Blossoms has a sweet floral aroma of petitgrain, bergamot, jasmine, and a light sandalwood fragrances. Infused with Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz to balance your crown chakras with Clarity and Harmony.

Fall Harvest Collection

Fall Harvest Collection


Who is ready for fall? I love the crisp air with leaves falling. Wearing hoodies,  sipping spiced teas and pumpkin picking. Scary movies, bonfires and Halloween costume parties! Most of all though I love the candles! Introducing Sacred Rosemary, Pumpkin Muffin and Spiced Cranberry! 

Sacred Rosemary


Refreshing mint with herbal Rosemary Fragrance Oil creates a clean herbal spa aroma. Sprinkled with dried Rosemary and infused with Ruby in Ziosite for Empowerment & Healing of past traumas with Tiger’s Eye for protection, personal Empowerment and Determination. 

Pumpkin Muffin


Pumpkin muffin scent throws warm touches of spices, vanilla and caramel. Fragrance oil infused with Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger Essential Oil. Infused with Tiger’s Eye for protection, personal power & Determination and Clear Quartz for Healing, Clarity & Creativity.

Spiced Cranberry


Fragrant Tart Cranberry with warm cinnamon, cloves and droplets of sweet mandarine orange. Infused with Clear Quartz for Healing, Clarity & Creativity and Lapis Lazuli for Wisdom & Intuition.